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At the heart of Meghalaya’s youth development strategy is the belief that youth engagement, aspiration-building and self-efficacy nurtured through personal development and talent recognition interventions are indispensable to the State’s efforts in significantly improving youth potential and employability.

While the vision of the government is to nurture a skill and talent for all youth and ensure that every youth has access to livelihood opportunities, it is important that we first identify their innate capabilities so we can align their aspirations with skilling opportunities that are relevant. The foundational soft skills and talent recognition modules under Aspire Meghalaya will lay the groundwork for further endeavours by the State Government to support the skilling needs of our youth communities across Districts. The programmes are expected to help them explore career paths for themselves and identify the skills they need to access these careers. The modules are carefully curated to equip young adults across the State with the skillsets they need to build wholesome lives and to transform their innate talents into career-worthy assets.

Shri Conrad K Sangma

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Government of Meghalaya

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be heard

To provide a platform for Meghalayan youth to express their aspirations and sentiments across diverse themes through digital and offline surveys.

be prepared

To enrol 12,000+ students in select campuses across Districts in high-impact Life Skills & Soft Skills training programmes.

be seen

To encourage youth to choose an aspirational career path through modules that build a broad awareness of career domains linked to personal strengths and aptitude. 

the goals




Capturing the voices and sentiments of youth in the 14 to 22 year age bracket, covering approximately 15% of the target population.

  • 25,000+ Youth

  • 200+ Campuses

  • 12 Districts

  • 9 Thematic Areas



Capacity-building and training for Life Preparedness covering basic soft skills, communication skills and career aspirations for adolescents and young adults.

  • 10,000 Youth

  • 60 Campuses

  • 12 Districts

  • 20 Hours per Participant



Facilitating mini-talent discovery events on campuses and funnelling promising talent to selection committees aimed at identifying emerging talents across the State.

  • 12 State Talents

  • 240 District Talents

  • Multi-campus Events

  • State Level Summit

the PLAN

be heard

Meghalaya youth survey

Meghalaya’s largest ever youth survey was conducted across 12 districts for over 60,000 youths within the age group of 14 - 22 years, to express their aspirations and sentiments across diverse themes through offline and digital surveys. The objective was to capture high-quality, honest, and transparent data insights into the pulse of our youth.

Culture & Tradition

Education &
Skills Development


Career Aspiration

Gender Equality

Quality of Life

Health & Wellbeing

Cyber Citizenship


The Meghalaya youth survey 2022

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How far we have come


Survey Respondents successfully mobilized through participating Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges.


Surveys Distributed across campuses for youth in the 14 - 22 age bracket in collaboration with Department of Education, Government of Meghalaya.


Secondary School & Higher Secondary School Campuses notified and enrolled through support of the Department of Education, Government of Meghalaya, in convergence with efforts of Department of Sports & Youth Affairs, Government of Meghalaya.


College Campuses notified and enrolled through the Department of Sports & Youth Affairs, Government of Meghalaya.


Teachers registered as  supporting facilitators for on-ground deployment of survey enrolments and participation in respective campuses.


District-level Events comprising Survey Orientation Programmes and Collection Drives, statewide, supported by Department of Education, Government of Meghalaya.

be prepared

soft skills & life skills training

The Youth Survey culminated in the identification, selection and enrolment of 13,291 youths across 62 campuses in 12 districts of the state for high-impact Soft Skills training and Personal Growth interventions. The objective of this phase was to equip young adults with the common minimum skills needed to thrive in life in any domain. The modules were designed to instil Confidence, Communication Skills, Human Values, Critical Thinking, Talent Recognition and Emotional Wellbeing.

Basic career exploration modules were curated to encourage youth to choose career paths linked to personal strengths and aptitude. This led to the emergence of demand-driven skilling requirements and provided the government with much-needed insights to formulate skilling interventions and mentorship opportunities driven by the aspirations of our youth, governed by the grassroot narrative.



Human Values