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Aspire meghalaya

The Aspire Meghalaya programme is a flagship initiative of the Government of Meghalaya designed to unlock the confidence, talent and potential of tribal youth across the State through a combination of soft skills programmes and talent identification interventions. The programme was funded by a grant-in-aid sanctioned by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, under the scheme titled “Soft Skills Coaching for Tribal Youth”.


The success of our state-wide initiative of the Department of Arts & Culture, Government of Meghalaya is a quiet testament to the commitment of our team and our reach in rural corners of the State. The programme is designed to augment traditional learning systems with inspiring life coaching and work-life readiness training, helping young people prepare for life and the world of work.

the big gaps

our philosophy


The Avenues philosophy is inspired by our belief that change begins from within. Certified Avenues facilitators draw from the three dimensions of training, coaching and counselling, creating a unique space where the past, present and future converge. Our endeavour is to identify what works in participants’ own lives by helping them tap into their intrinsic wisdom and providing them with skills to enrich their journeys.

Avenues coaches foster an environment of connections and teamwork, building effective communication skills whilst encouraging self-awareness through reflection.





The development of emotional intelligence is the focus of this module. Having self-awareness of one’s own emotions as well as of those around  them and having the ability to manage emotions in personal and professional settings so that they are not overwhelmed is a crucial skill that will help to better navigate any scenario.

  • Confidence and Self-worth

  • Personal Values

  • Empathy in Practice



This workshop aims at discovering the leader within and constitutes a series of discussions and activities centered on personal impact and leadership through example.


  • Shared Values

  • Circles of Trust

  • Leadership Traits

  • Personal Impact



The “new normal” has made familiarity with internet/ digital skills all the more critical to survival. This module focuses on arming participants with the tools to navigate the “internet of things” so that they are able to manage and cope with the rigors of life as we know it now and in the days to come.


  • Gathering & Verifying Information

  • Filling Forms

  • Understanding Emails

  • Digital Bootcamps



Be it verbal or non-verbal communication skills, possessing a command over and reflecting confidence in interpersonal skills in conversational English affects everything from professional development to personal and social interactions.

  • Public Speaking Basics

  • Basic Vocabulary & Structure

  • Conversational Etiquette



This module seeks to prepare participants for the world of work through creating an awareness of how to carry themselves as they navigate their careers in a post-COVID-19 world.

  • Interview Skills (online & onsite)

  • Workplace Conduct

  • Applying for Jobs Online

  • Attire & Grooming

  • Online Etiquette



For youth across the State, alternative livelihood opportunities in fields as diverse as music, art, writing, performing and culture are avenues for future employment and recognition. Discovering talent and addressing aspirations is pivotal to this module.

  • Recognizing Talent

  • Exploring Career Aspirations

  • Talent Bootcamps



A range of assessments and surveys shall be conducted for each intervention, allowing for an analysis of the impact, growth and learning achieved for every participant. Workshops are mapped to concrete learning outcomes and competencies shall be gauged for each skill/ development area through baseline studies and post-training self-assessments.


Baseline Survey
Survey-styled questionnaires shall be employed to capture current comprehension levels for the complete range of learning outcomes derived for an intervention.


Participants shall be encouraged to assess personal competencies for each learning outcome of an intervention at the end of the programme.


Highlighting learner experience, training quality, trainers’ competency and approach for each workshop is critical. Participant feedback shall be conveyed through  confidential surveys.

the impact


of all participants have identified a clear set of values.

White Flowers


of all participants have identified a personal strength.


feel better placed to express their emotions.

Flowers and Hand


are more aware of their feelings.

White Frangipani Flowers


have the opportunity to test their public speaking skills.


The number of students willing to participate actively in their classrooms.

Hydrangea Flowers


are prepared to deal with conflicts constructively in their friendships.


have identified a major goal.


have developed better decision-making skills.

Graduation Handshake

> 144

career aspirations identified by participants across the State.


boys and girls have discovered a talent they could be proud of.

Chess Board


of the beneficiaries have identified a personal leadership trait.


Poppy Flower
Bhaboklang K Makdoh.png
Bhaboklang K Makdoh

Alpha English H S School

Ri Bhoi District

I have learnt many things from this programme like values, manners, how to communicate with others and how to do a proper handshake, to name a few. I now understand that in order to achieve my goals, I need to have a strong foundation. My dream is to become a Doctor or a Professor.

Pretty Lincy Diengdoh.png
Pretty Lincy Diengdoh

Alpha English H S School
Ri Bhoi District

Aspire Meghalaya has taught me how to improve the way I communicate with others and how to speak with correct pronunciation. Whenever a question was asked in class, I could never stand up or form words and sentences, even when I knew the answer. I always felt shy. I also didn’t think much about respecting my friends. But after I attended this programme, I have gained the confidence to speak up and I now understand the importance of mutual respect. My dream is to become a Politician or a Magistrate.

Otovi A Sangma.png
Otovi A Sangma

Loyola College

East Garo Hills District

Putting God first is important to me. Secondly, working hard at present to help build a good future for myself. Aspire Meghalaya has taught me a lot and I really enjoyed the workshops. It has helped me to overcome my fears. It also taught me about teamwork, hard work, confidence, public speaking and stage presence. Yesterday, I overcame my fear by performing on stage. I felt the fear but I also felt the confidence to do it.

Batskhem Tlang_edited.jpg
Batskhem Tlang

Jaintia Eastern College

East Jaintia Hills District

Aspire Meghalaya has taught me how to carry myself well, how to stand up in front of people and speak with confidence. It has taught me the values of respect, honesty and love. Respect is especially important to me because I will be able to respect others better if I respect myself first. Similarly, with love, the way you treat yourself is how you should treat other people. These kinds of teachings, although not taught in classrooms, are very important for young people like us because they motivate and help us move in the right direction.

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All Videos
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Aspire Meghalaya 2020-21 - Talent 019

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Aspire Meghalaya 2020-21 - Talent 018

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Aspire Meghalaya 2020-21 - Talent 017

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